Father’s Day

This Father’s Day we spent the day in San Francisco since we stayed the night in the hotel after Melissa and Jimmy’s Wedding.  We woke up packed most of our stuff and headed to the Grandviews Restaurant on the top floor of the hotel for some breakfast.  We met up with The Sinning Family and also Anna’s sister Julia’s family for breakfast.  The kids were actually pretty good and eat most of their food.

After breakfast we checked out and walked around Union Square for a little while.  We took the kids to the Disney Store, and since they were closing they were having a huge sale.  We let the kids pick a couple of things then headed to Old Navy.  There was a maternity dress that I wanted to get, but while we were there Dustin had a little shopping spree of his own.  He got some clothes that he said make him look more like a “Dad” heehee 😀

After all our shopping was done we headed home.  After the kids took a short nap they gave him the presents they made him.  Arianna and Riley each made him a book about The Perfect Father’s Day which I helped them make on the computer.  Then we printed it out and they drew and colored them..  Then Nick gave him his card which was also supposed to go with his shirt about baby #4 but he knew about it already.  We then went to my Uncle’s house for dinner and to see some of our relatives that were visiting.  We stayed there pretty much all night because Dustin was playing video games, ping-pong and Rock band with my siblings and cousins.  So we had a great day and I hope all you other Dad’s out there had a wonderful day as well.


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