Melissa and Jimmy’s Wedding

This past weekend we attended our friends wedding in the city.  We weren’t able to make the ceremony because “someone” was being a girl and couldn’t decide on what he wanted to wear to the wedding.  We did make it to the cocktail hour and reception though.

Their colors were pink and brown and everything looked so pretty!  They had the reception at The Grand Hyatt hotel in San Francisco and the ballroom was beautiful.  Melissa looked so gorgeous in her dress and we’re so very happy for them.

Mr. and Mrs.

While we were there we saw Jennifer Skog the greatest photographer there is 😉  She was our photographer for our wedding and has been our photographer ever since.

Jen and I

Here’s the bride and groom doing the cake cutting with their very pretty cake 🙂

When it was time for dancing the kids were so excited!  During the time they were doing the first dance and father/daughter, mother/son dances all the kids were just sitting at the edge of the dance floor waiting for the time that they could dance.  As soon as they let everyone start dancing the kids were the first to run on the dance floor.

After there was dancing for awhile they had a money dance.

Dustin and Melissa

We had such a great time and even the kids were dancing the whole time!  They loved it 😀  Some other pictures from the night.

Me, Melissa and Anna

Anna and I are pregnant so we’re hoping Melissa is next 😉

The hubby and I matching and everything


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