Arianna’s Birthday Party

Last Sunday was Arianna’s 5th Birthday party and we had a blast!!! It was an Ariel/Carnival theme because she wanted to have games at her party for everyone to play. We also rented a bounce house with a water slide since I knew it was going to be really hot!  We also had a tent in the backyard that my older sister Trin, decorated inside with fishes and blue streamers.

When everyone arrived we all had lunch first. Trin made sliders that were super yummy and we also had hamburgers and hot dogs. After the kids were done playing most of them went in the bounce house right away so they could go on the water slide. It was the main hit of the party! Everyone loved it and it was perfect weather to be able to use it.

Playing on the bounce house/water slide

After awhile I called all the kids so that we could start playing the games. We had five games and at each game you could win tickets that you could later use to buy prizes.

One of the games were a fishing game. The kids had a fishing pole and had to catch a fish or a colored magnet. Depending on which one you got determined how many tickets you would get.

Riley fishing 😀

Nick also loved the fishing game!

Another game was the Dolphin Ring Toss game. You had to throw rings around the dolphins nose and you got tickets each time you did it.

Arianna about to get one on his nose:)

Riley’s favorite game was the Firefighter game! I had three pilar candles set up against the fence and they would get 20 seconds to try to extinguish the candles flame with a spay bottle. Riley kept playing this game over and over again even after everyone was done playing games she kept doing it.

Riley playing the game

Daddy helping her

Then we had a tic-tac-toe game where you threw sea animals into the squares to get three in a row

Everyone’s favorite game was the dart balloon game.  Even all the adults played it 🙂

Andrew throwing a dart

After everyone played games they brought their tickets to me and got to pick prizes.  Then we had sno-cones, jamba juice (thanks jacqueline) and ice cream cake!

Arianna with her Ariel ice cream cake I made and Jassy decorated

Blowing out her candles

Eating the yummy ice cream cake Mommy made

Nick having some too

After everyone most of the kids left Dustin and the kids went back in the bounce house to play

With our birthday girl 😀

Hope you have a wonderful birthday party baby girl!  We love you  xoxoxo

Thanks to everyone who helped put Arianna’s party together!  I couldn’t have done it without you all 😀


4 thoughts on “Arianna’s Birthday Party

  1. it looks liuke you guys had soo much fun!!! i wanna play in the waterslide bounce house!! i just got flashbacks of my Little Mermaid birthday party : )

  2. OH MY!! What a fun fun party!! Love all your ideas (and I’m noting them down to “steal” them sometime!)
    Look at your little girl..! she’s adorable! Happy Birthday.. and awesome job planning the perfect party!

  3. Elizabeth, you are amazing! To be such a supermom for someone your age is truly incredible. Well, it makes sense ‘cuz you had a great role model…your mom!! Your kids are sooo darling. Congrats to you and Dustin on your 4th blessing.

  4. hey guys! Everyone looks great. The girls are growing up so fast.

    Can’t wait to see you all soon. Will you be at Ryan’s wedding?

    Hope so.

    See you then. come visit us in San Antonio.


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