Potty training…….again!

Lately I’ve been trying to potty train Nick only because I’ve been changing diapers the past 5 years and I’m kinda getting tired of it.  It started on Tuesday when I saw Nick in the corner pushing.  I knew he was going #2 so I checked his diaper and he hadn’t gone yet so I ran him to the bathroom and put him on the toilet.  He went #1 and #2.  Yay!!!  I was very surprised that he did so well.  Yesterday was the same thing, I saw him pushing so I made sure he hadn’t gone and then put him on the toilet.  Again he did #1 and #2 😀

Since Nick broke my camera lens I hadn’t been able to take pictures on him on the potty, but since I bought a new lens I was finally able to get a picture of him today!  Isn’t he the cutest little boy you’ve ever seen on a toilet…….LOL

Reading his book

My poor baby pushing with everything he has…..lol  He’s so red!

“Seriously Mom, I’m trying to go to the bathroom”

So I think it’s safe to say that hopefully Nick will be potty trained by the time he is two years old!  Now if only I knew how to potty train him to stand up while he pees.  I think that is where his Daddy will come it 🙂


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