Oakland Zoo

Last week we meet with some of my friends and their kids for a trip to the Oakland Zoo. Lately the kids have loved going to the zoo and looking at all the animals. Even Nick loves it! Every time we go by an exhibit, even if you can’t see the animal Nick will freak out until you take him out of the stroller so he can see if it’s there or not.

While we were waiting for our friends to arrive we took some time to take pictures in front of the zoo.

Here are the kids and I

Dustin and the kids

Nick playing around

One of the first places we went was the Children’s Zoo area.  Here’s Nick and Mase playing

My three babies

Then we went to the petting zoo.  Here’s Nick, Mase and Cooper petting and brushing a goat.

Nick trying his hardest to tiptoe and look at the giraffes

Here’s all our friends that met us at the zoo

Here’s a great picture of Dustin and the girls that one of my friends took.

After we looked at all the animals we decided to ride the train and a couple of rides.  First the girls rode the airplanes.  Riley was a little unsure of the ride at first, but after awhile she started enjoying it.

Waving to their brother

Dustin and Nick playing while the girls were riding rides

Next we rode the carousel

Then the girls rode some motercycles

As soon as we pulled out of the parking lot Nick was fast asleep

Since we were already in the East Bay and I was craving The Cheesecake Factory we went to Pleasanton.  It was so good to have it again 😀

Here’s the girls being silly pretending to be fatties.  They posed all on their own and said “Mommy take a picture of us”.

When it was time for cheesecake Nick dug his fingers in mine and loved it!


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