Yet another injury

This morning Dustin was playing around with the kids before having to get ready for work.  He always plays with them on the days that he has to work late because by the time he comes home they are already in bed.

I guess him and Nick were playing a little too rough and all of a sudden I hear Nick crying.  Dustin said that he thinks he twisted his arm.  I hold him for a little while and notice that he wouldn’t move him arm.  I tried giving him toys and his sippy cup to see if he would move his arm and he would, but every time he grabbed or reached for something he would start crying again.  He didn’t want to play and just wanted to be held so Dustin took him in his room and just held him in our glider.  Nick ended up falling asleep so Dustin put him in his crib.  About 10 minutes later we hear Nick screaming and we decide we need to take him to the Dr.

Look at that sad face 😦

Dustin left to go to the A’s game with his friends so I took the kids with me to the Dr office and found out that Nick had a radial head subluxation, which is actually common in little kids since they still have soft joints and stuff.  Well our Dr. popped in back in place and told me to be extra careful with him because since he’s had it, he’ll be more than likely to have it again.  He’s doing a lot better now and it’s so nice to have my happy little boy back.  When Dustin got back from the baseball game he felt horrible for hurting him, but of course Nick still loves his Daddy!

And he forgave him 😀

Hopefully Daddy will be more careful with him next time and remember that although he’s a tough little boy, he’s still Mommy’s baby boy!


5 thoughts on “Yet another injury

  1. He was supposed to go to work, but Jason called him because he won tickets to an A’s game. So he went to the game, came home again, then went to work.

  2. aww.. poor baby… They’re so flexible yet so fragile… sometimes I forget and I pick Gummy up pulling his hands and I then freak out thinking I may dislocate his arm off his shoulder…. scary.. glad he’s much better now..

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