Papa’s 50th Birthday

My Dad turned the big 5-0 so we had a surprise party for him.  We told him that we were having a pre-school graduation party for Arianna so he knew there was going to be a party that day he just didn’t know that it was for him.  My Dad went up to take a shower and get ready and when he did we all decorated the house with “50” decorations.

When he came downstairs after getting ready that was when we surprised him

We also bought him glasses that said “50” and a bead necklace that had 50’s on them and said “Older is Better”

Here’s the cake

And him blowing out the candles with his grandkids

And since it was supposed to be Arianna’s graduation party of course she got presents too

Riley helping Ari open her presents

She got a lot of clothes from Justice and some art and craft supplies

Thanks to everyone who gave Arianna presents.  And Pa, I hope you liked your surprise party and actually got surprised 😀


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