Day Out w/Thomas the Train

Today we went to Woodland to see Thomas the Train who is on tour right now. I heard about it from some friends and we bought tickets about a month ago. Other than it being really hot today, the kids had a great time! We arrived at the parking lot and a bus shuttle took us to where the train was.

Here’s Riley on the bus, very excited to see Thomas

When we got off the bus someone was there to greet us and give us little maps of the place. It had four stations that you could go to to get your paper stamped and if you went to all four stations you could bring it back to the front and get a prize. The first station we went to was to see Sir Topham Hat. When we got there he was leaving (to switch shifts I think) but they were kind enough to stop and let us take one picture with him.

Then Ari saw a blowup figure of Percy the train which is her favorite because he’s green so she wanted to take a picture with him too.

Next we went to the Imagination Station. They had tattoos, a ton of train tables with trains, a balloon maker and pages to color or use stamps with. This was also the second place they had to go to, to get a stamp for their maps.

The first thing they wanted to do was play with the trains

Next they got tattoos. Riley got Rosie on her hand and Ari got Percy on her hand. Then Nick got Thomas on his arm. Doesn’t he look like a little man?

After they all got their tattoos they wanted to get balloons too. Here they are watching the clown make their balloons.

Look how intrigued they are

Arianna got a heart, Riley got a puppy and Nick got a sword.

Then we let the kids color for awhile and play with the stamps before we headed over to do other activities. We saw a little train ride that the kids could go on. You had to cranck it with your arms to make it move so only the girls were able to go on this.

After that there was a little hay maze for the kids. So Ari and Riley went to go do it while Dustin and I watched them. They were very cute and they actually passed the exit and went around a second time before getting out, but it was very very cute 😀 After that it was time to line up to board Thomas the Train!!! They had open cars and closed ones and we picked the closed one because it had an air conditioner on and felt really good!!!

Here’s me and Riley on the train

Nick, Ari and Dustin

The ride lasted about 30 minutes and when we were heading back to the station all the kids got certificates.

Riley showing hers off

Arianna with hers

And Nick just wanted to show off his belly

Riley posing in the train

After we got off we headed to the front of the train to get a picture with Thomas

It was pretty hot by now so we bought the kids some shaved ice and headed to the storytelling/movie tent. This was another place they got stamps on for their maps. So they sat inside watching a Thomas movie and ate their shaved ice. When they were done the Gift Shop was the last place to get a stamp. We bought Riley a train whistle, some Thomas stickers, tattoos and a new train Emily. After we got all the stamps on the map we brought it back to the front, got their prizes and headed back to the shuttle. While we were on the shuttle going back to the parking lot we saw Thomas one last time.


One thought on “Day Out w/Thomas the Train

  1. oh my goodness.. how cool is this… I think it’s coming near my neck of the woods.. I must check it out!
    I love how happy Riley is with her favorite toy character.. how cute she is!!!

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