Discovered a new park!

With the weather being so hot lately I decided to check out a park that my cousin was telling me about that had a water feature.  So after I picked up Arianna from school we went to the park.  It is the cutest little park!  It’s a small park, but the kids liked the water play area.   They have a couple of swings, three slides and a ladybug rocker type thing that was Nick and Riley’s favorite.  There wasn’t anyone there so it was very nice to have the park to ourselves.  The water area has three separate sections.  One is a fountain, the other one is spray guns and another one is a rainbow/arch type fountain.

Here’s what the park looks like

Here are the kids playing in the water area

The ladybug rocker that Nick and Riley loved

And Arianna loved climbing on this!

So anyone up for a playdate here?


3 thoughts on “Discovered a new park!

  1. We were just there Monday morning. They normally don’t turn on the water before noon so I thought I was okay just letting him play there but that morning it was on… Gabe was bummed because I didn’t dress him so he could play in the water. Want to meet up on a Wednesday; are you free?

  2. I think if you press the black thing on top of a little yellow pole near the fish and the grass the water will turn on. 🙂

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