SF Zoo

Every first Wednesday of the month it’s free to visit the zoo so we decided to go since the kids had so much fun at the Sac zoo. Jassy came along and so did my friend Anna with her girls Kaylani and Sophia and her Mom. We had a lot of fun and the kids thought this zoo was a lot better than the Sac zoo. The only bad thing is that the zoo is huge and we didn’t get to see a lot of the animals. Next we are thinking of trying out the Oakland zoo. So here are a couple of pictures on the kids at the zoo.

Nick, Arianna, Riley and Kaylani looking at the monkeys

Riley loves penguins because of the movie Happy Feet. So when we got to the penguin exhibit she wanted to take a picture with them, so here she is posing with the penguins behind her.

When we went to see the prairie dogs they were running up right to the glass and Nick would get so excited everytime 😀

Next we headed to the petting zoo which is the kids favorite part! I brought a lot of quarters so that all the kids would have enough food for the animals. Here pictures of the kids feeding the animals.

Sophia feeding a goat

Arianna feeding another goat

Riley feeding a sheep

Nick was lazy and just sat in the stroller, but the animals would still go up to him if he was holding food and he just fed them that way.

Kaylani was too fast so I didn’t get a picture of her feeding the animals. But here is a picture of Jassy freaking out because she thought the animals were going to attack her since she was holding all the food that I bought. Hahahaha……..I told her they were just smelling her, but she was still freaking out anyway.

A picture of me and the kids

Best friends always

Riley, Ari and Kaylani

Of course before we left we had to ride the steam train for Riley. She LOVED it and so did all the kids 🙂 Riley said she loves fast trains so I think we will be visiting Tilden park again soon!

On the train 😀

Jassy and Anna, thanks for joining us at the zoo! We hope you guys had as much fun as we did 😀


2 thoughts on “SF Zoo

  1. Elizabeth your kids are too cute! 🙂 Looks like they had a great time @ the zoo. Let me know when you guys decide to go to the zoo in Oakland…it’s near where I live and maybe we can meet you guys there.

    I love the ‘best friends’ picture.

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