Lafayette Rez Playdate

On Monday we met with a couple of our friends walked the Rez then played at the park and had a picnic lunch.  It was a really hard walk because I had to push Riley and Nick in the stroller and about halfway through Arianna said she couldn’t do it anymore so I had to push her on the stroller too!  Arianna weighs 50lbs, Riley 26lbs and Nick weighs 27lbs, so all together they pretty much weight 100lbs!   So pushing them gave me a total workout!!!  It’s a great feeling to walk the Rez though because it is not easy and the hills are no joke!  I hope to be able to walk it more often or even just walk more around our neighborhood.

When we got to the park all the kids started playing, but of course my kids wanted to eat lunch first because they were hungry.

Here’s a almost decent picture of all three of them before Nick fell backwards and started crying.

While all the other kids played here’s what my son did, ran around eating his sandwich.

We tried getting a picture of all the kids together and this was the best we could do

Aiden, Sean, Tyson, Ari, Nick, Riley, Peyton and Greyson

(missing Lexi and Orion)

Tyson, Peyton and Nick

We had a great time and we can’t wait to do it again!!!!


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