Sonoma Train Town

As you all know Riley loves trains so I’ve been trying to take her to all the places around here that have trains. I remember my parents taking us to a place in Sonoma that had trains when we were younger. So I googled it and I found Sonoma Train Town so I’ve been promising Riley that we would take her, but we’ve been so busy that we haven’t been able to go. Last Friday Dustin was finally off again so we headed to Train Town and invited some friends of ours. Riley was very excited when we got there and she wore her train conductor hat and I bought her some cute pants from Osh Kosh to match her hat 😀

The first thing that we did when we got there was ride the train of course. Here’s everyone on the train:

Arianna and Kaylani

My friend Jen with her hubby and Brian and Sean

Nick, Dustin and Riley

Riley and I

Anna and Sophia

Halfway through the train ride they stop the train off in a little area that has a farm where you can get out and feed the animals. They also had a miniature village with a church, school house, firehouse and more. It was so cute because it was the perfect size to take the kids in.

Here is Riley feeding a lamb because she loves lambs

Arianna wanted to feed the Llama

And here is a picture of some of the kids in front of the school house. Look how small it is! It’s so cute 😀

After the train ride we let the kids ride the carousel and the airplane ride. Arianna wanted to ride the roller coaster and the ferris wheel, but they were only open on Saturdays so now we have to go back on a Sat for her :/  We had to get one last picture of Riley with her trains before we left 🙂

After all the riding around the kids started to get hungry so we headed to The Plaza in Sonoma, another place we used to go to when I was little. I remember eating at this place that sold cheese and my parents would buy some along with a loaf of bread then we would go to the park in the middle and have a little picnic and play. So we were walking around and I saw The Cheese Factory and knew that that was the place we used to go to. We had lunch there then we went to Ben and Jerry’s across the street for some ice cream since it was really hot that day. The kids loved their ice cream!

Arianna being a chunk 🙂

Riley eating her ice cream and Nick eating his cookie

When everyone was done we stopped by the mission to take a couple of pictures, but by this time the kids were all exhausted and didn’t really want to take a picture.  When they are older we are going to have to visit the mission again since they probably wouldn’t appreciate it at this age.


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