Sacramento Zoo

Yesterday we headed to the Sacramento Zoo with my cousins Jassy, Bodgie (Alex) and Sammy.  Bodgie had to do a report on Orangutans for one of his classes and he had to observe them for 4 hours.  So we decided to tag along since I knew it was going to be a nice day, plus I wanted to stop by Sonic’s on the way home because I’ve never been there.  When we got to the zoo we got a great parking spot and I opened the trunk only to find it empty!  Dustin had borrowed my van and took the stroller out then forgot to put it back in.  So we had to rent a stroller from the zoo.  They only had wagons and safari looking jeeps and of course my kids wanted the safari jeep.

Arianna was a big girl and walked around the whole time, with Sammy of course

Jassy bought Riley a zoo key that you take around with you and every so often we would find a machine where you could stick your key in and it would tell you about the animals.  She loved it of course 😀

Most of the animals were actually sleeping or hiding somewhere in the shade since it was such a hot day so we didn’t really get to see a lot.  This is what we mostly saw;

*sleeping animals*

When there were animals that were awake, Nick was very excited about seeing them

Here’s a picture of all 3 kids after we saw the Red Pandas

We ate lunch then headed over to meet up with Bodgie to see how the orangatans were doing.  There were three of them, two females and one male.  The male was usually hiding in the cave and the females were always sleeping or hiding under blankets.  Here’s one of them

I think I’m going to take the kids to the San Francisco Zoo next Wednesday sine the Sacramento Zoo was so small and they didn’t even have a real train.  It looked like a train, but it had rubber wheels.  I know they have a steam train at SF so we will be riding that once again for Riley 🙂


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