Nanay’s 80th Birthday Party

On April 20th we celebrated my Grandma’s 80th Birthday. My sister and I planned the party and we were very happy with how everything turned out. I took lots of pictures of all the details because we worked very hard on all the details 😀

The matching table names, favors and place cards. And the centerpieces were Roses because that’s our family’s last name.

We made a couple of poster boards of pictures from her life, but this one is my favorite because it’s all the older pictures

We also made a money tree for her, and it turned out great!!! My sister had a huge vase so we put some marbles on the bottom. Then we bought some huge branches from Michael’s that were black. My sister bought some tiny clothes pins and David spray painted those black too so they blended into the branches. So when people came in they just pinned their cards to the branches. Here’s how it turned out

The seating chart

The cake that my cousin Jassy made. Isn’t it nice? This was her first big cake that she’s made and she did such a great job. She even made this super yummy caramel type filling 😀

Trin had to get these black and white jelly beans because Nanay’s favorite jelly bean is the licorice one. For white we got the French Vanilla and it was yummy. We had this up on the bar.

To start the party off we escorted Nanay out of the room and first introduced each one of her kids and their families. Then after that was all done we introduced Nanay and had her come in to the theme of “The Price is Right” During dinner we had a slide show going on that was done by my other cousin Mikey.

Here’s Nanay and her cake

Nanay cutting her cake

Then we played a game about “How well do you know Nanay” game. It was so much fun and everyone had a great time guessing all the questions. Nanay was having a great time too 😀

After the game we had all Nanay’s sons, grandsons, brothers, nephews, in-laws and great-grandson dance with her and they each gave her a rose when they came up. Nick was the last one to go up 🙂 Isn’t this a great picture of them?

Here’s a picture of Dustin and I

Nanay with her kids

With her grandkids

And her great-grandkids

Happy 80th Birthday Nanay! I hope you had a great birthday and that this will be a party that you remember forever. We look forward to celebrating many more years with you 😀 I love you Nanay!!!


One thought on “Nanay’s 80th Birthday Party

  1. Your grandma must have loved the party! It looks so nice and elegant. That cake is amazing and I looooove the jelly beans in the martini class. So classy 😉

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