Flying kites

Last week Arianna’s class made kites and invited the families to join them in flying kites.  Dustin was off that day so we went to her school to participate in the kite flying.  But when we got there it wasn’t windy at all.  The kids had fun running around pulling their kites behind them, but none of them would fly on their own.  Here are a couple pictures from that day.

Dustin and Arianna trying to get the kite to fly

Arianna still trying

After awhile Arianna and a couple of her classmates decided that it was time to take a break from all the running around

Apparently Nick thought it looked very tiring too

After all the kids were done flying their kites Dustin and I took Riley and Nick to the park while we waited for Arianna to get out of class.  Riley had a blast going down the slide and trying to cross the monkey bars with her Daddy.


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