Bodgie’s Birthday

Last week it was my cousin Alex’s birthday, but we call him Bodge as a nickname.  My sister invited everyone over to her house to have a game night and dinner celebration for him.  It was a lot of fun and some of us got to meet his girlfriend Joanna for the first time 🙂

My sister made some very yummy food!!!  The mini burgers were the best 😀

He’s a huge Star Wars fan so we all pitched in to get him a replica of the Boba Fett helmet that was also signed by the actor that played him.

After we finished eating dinner and he opened his gifts we played Disney Scene It

The Teams

Jonathan, Brian, Jassy, David and Steven

Dustin, me, Joanna, Bodgie and Sammy

Jacqueline, Jake, Mikey, Trin and Joston

Their team ended up winning

After the game we sang “Happy Birthday”

Here’s his cake that his sister made him

No one had any candle so we used a lighter for him to blow out 😛

Happy 22nd Birthday Bodge!  Hope you had a great party and you liked your present 😀


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