Random day in SF

The other day we decided to spend the day in San Francisco.  First we went to the Cannery to shop a little and I had to exchange a couple of things at Steve & Barry’s.  While we were there we decided to get Nick’s name painted by this guy that did Arianna and Riley’s when they were born.  Of course Dustin always remembers exactly where the guy is posted because his booth is always by Hooters.

Nick watching his name get painted

While we were waiting for it to get done Nick was distracted by all the pigeons flying around.  He kept chasing after them and loved watching them fly away.

After walking around for a little while Katrina and Jassy saw a Cold Stone so they wanted to get some ice cream.  Of course the girls had to get some as well.  They devoured it!!!

After we were done the girls said they wanted to see animals so we took a walk all the way down to Pier 39 to show them the sea lions.  There were a lot there that day!  At first Nick didn’t know what to think about them and he just kept staring at them.

After awhile he would get excited every time one of them would start making noise.  He was pointing and trying to imitate their sounds which was very cute 😀  Riley also enjoyed looking at them and lately she’s been a huge Daddy’s Girl so she was always with him.

Family Picture time 🙂

Trin, David and Jassy put money in the telescope machine so the girls could look around the bay.  They said that they could actually see people walking around Alcatraz!  The girls thought it was pretty cool.

Riley and Jassy


We had a lot of fun in the city and it’s such a great place to take pictures at!  I need to start practicing more with my camera so I can get even better pictures 😀


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