Anniversary Trip

Wednesday, March 26th (our anniversary)
We arrived at Anaheim at 11:30am and first we checked into the hotel and got everything settled in then we headed to the park to meet with my family and my aunt’s family. The first thing we did was go to City Hall and get anniversary buttons 😀
While Dustin was in line to get our buttons I got to play around with my new camera a little. All the kids were so excited to be at Disneyland and they couldn’t wait to see all the characters and ride the rides.
The girls wearing their super cute new sandals 🙂
Next we headed off to meet with my family and my aunt’s family for lunch at Rancho del Zocalo in Frontierland. After lunch we headed to Fantasyland to take the kids on a couple rides. Here’s Nick and Dustin playing while we were waiting in line for The Casey Jr. train.
Arianna and Riley on the train having a great time 🙂
My Chunky Ari waiting for the parade to start 🙂
After the parade we went on a couple more rides then headed back to our hotel to feed the kids dinner and get ready to go out to dinner for our anniversary. My parents and brothers came to our hotel room to watch the kids while we went to Napa Rose for dinner, which is in the Grand Californian Hotel. It was a really nice fancy restaurant and my favorite part was that you could watch the chefs in the kitchen. I love watching them cook and I wish I could cook like that!
My Filet Minion I ordered was SUPER yummy!!!
Dustin ordered short ribs and it was so tender that it just came off the bone! So good!!!
And this is Dustin’s dessert I can’t remember exactly what it is, but it was good.
After dinner we started walking back to our hotel and the fireworks show started in Disneyland so we could see it while we were walking through Downtown Disney and all the way up to our hotel. Of course when we got back to the hotel I thought the kids would be asleep, but they were all wide awake because they heard the fireworks and wanted to watch it from our room.
Our family on our anniversary
Thursday, March 27th
We headed to the park around 8:30am to spend more time in Fantasyland and take pictures with characters. The first characters we saw were Donald and Pluto on Main St.
After riding a couple more rides in Fantasyland we went to ride the Winnie the Pooh ride which the girls wanted to ride on twice! Then we got in line to see Winnie the Pooh and friends and to take a couple pictures with them.
Next we went to Hungry Bear to meet up with everyone for lunch. The kids were throwing food down to the ducks in the river so I went across to the other side to get some pictures of them and my Mom took a picture of me too.
This is what I was doing the majority of the trip because I LOVE my present I got from Dustin! It’s the best anniversary present ever and I love taking pictures!!!
After lunch we went to Adventureland and rode the Jungle Cruise then headed to the Tiki Room to buy some pineapple whip my favorite 😀  While we were waiting in line I ran into a friend of mine I knew from Jr. High!  She was there for her daughters birthday and our girls got along very quickly 🙂  Hopefully we’ll be seeing a lot more of them soon!
Arianna, Riley and Genevieve
After we got our ice cream we rode on Buzz Lightyear.  Here’s a picture of all the guys in line for the ride.
Once we were done at Buzz Lightyear’s ride we were going to head over to California Adventures, but on our way out we saw that the parade was going to start soon and there was tons of seats on the sidewalk still so we waited so the kids could watch it again.  While we were waiting for the parade we decided to go to City Hall since it was right behind us to get family reunion buttons to wear for fun.  We were secretly hoping that we would win something from their Million Dreams giveaway 😉
Our buttons…..we got 19 of them
Nick and Riley waiting for the parade
Once we got to California Adventures we rode on Monsters Inc first.  While we were in line at Monsters, Nick was getting really sleepy.  Dustin tried putting him to sleep and almost did, but he saw me and started crying again.
I love my boys 😀
While we were waiting for some people go to the bathroom we took some pictures cause we were bored 😛
Then we rode on Tower of Terror and it was super fun!  We almost filled up a whole elevator, except for the front row.  My Dad kept yelling “We’re going to die!!!”  And he freaked out the little kids in front or us.
Friday, March 28th 
Today I let the girls wear their dresses to the park since we were going to Goofy’s Kitchen that night for dinner.  Here’s Riley waiting by the door telling us to hurry up cause she wanted to go to Disneyland already.
Here’s Arianna in her new Ariel dress.  Her new favorite princess is Ariel.
 Here’s our family in front of the castle
The first thing we did was go to the Princess Fantasy Faire.   While Dustin waited in line for the Princesses the girls and I went to make crowns and do some coloring.
Arianna making her crown
All done 🙂
Here’s Riley coloring
The Princesses they got to see were Pocahontas, Cinderella and Princess Minnie
When we were done there we rode a couple more rides in Fantasyland then went to California Adventures and spent some time in A Bug’s Land.  After it was getting close to lunch time, but we decided to stop at the Tortilla Factory cause the girls like getting the warm tortillas.  While we were there a  cast member came up to the girls and asked if they wanted to help him in the kitchen and they got to make Mickey Mouse Cinnamon Crisps that were very yummy!  He even gave the girls 4 bags of it and he gave me the recipe so we could make it at home with regular tortillas.
After we ate lunch we rode a couple more rides, got some catch a flave ice cream and waited for the new Pixar Play Parade.  It was a very fun parade and they had some great floats.  They only bad thing was that every float sprays water on you and you get pretty wet!  I wouldn’t mind, but I had my new camera with me so every time a float would come by I had to hide my camera under my sweater.
Here’s some pictures from the parade
Little Green Men from Toy Story playing with Nick
 A cowboy from Toy Story playing with Arianna.  She actually caught the ball and threw it back to him too!
Nemo coming to say *hi* to Riley
 After the parade, we stopped by the Animation Studio so Riley could take pictures in front of Snow White’s cottage
We decided it was time to head over to the Disneyland Hotel to have dinner at Goofy’s Kitchen.  While we were walking through Downtown Disney I wanted to stop at the Disney Vault store.  I found the cutest apron and it was brown/pink polka dots!  My favorite so of course Dustin bought it for me since I’m always cooking he said now I can cook and look pretty 😀 This is what it looks like
 Here’s some pictures from our dinner at Goofy’s Kitchen
Seeing Minnie before eating dinner
Nick even wanted to give Cinderella a hug 🙂
Here’s Goofy dancing with Riley during their playtime at dinner
Arianna dancing with Rafiki when he visited our table.  Riley was afraid of him so she went to my cousin’s table for a little while
After dinner we went back to our hotel for the night.
Saturday, March 29th (Auntie Sunny’s Birthday) 
After checking out of our hotel we meet up with everyone at Steve & Barry’s in Newport Beach to do a little shopping.  After that we headed over to Hollywood to take Dustin since he’s never been.
I had the girls go to the Shirley Temple one to see how big or small they were 🙂
Look how tiny Riley’s hands are!
Then there is my Ari with her big feet….LOL
Our family
After we ate lunch and looked around a little we headed to Beverley Hills so I could get my yummy Sprinkles cupcakes.  We had to wait in line for a hour and a half!!!  It was pretty cold too so that sucked.  But once we got home and ate our cupcakes it was very well worth the wait 😀
We had such a great anniversary trip and I’m so glad that I have a husband that loves me so much and tries his best to give me the world!  I can’t wait to celebrate many more anniversaries to come with him!
(Dustin thank you so much for my Canon Rebel XTi, our trip to Disneyland and for making this one anniversary that I will never forget!  Forever and Ever!) 

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