Easter Parties

After church we headed over to Dustin’s aunts house for lunch and another egg hunt.  The kids found a lot of eggs, but I didn’t get any pictures since I couldn’t find my camera.  Of course I found it after the egg hunt was over….it was in our cooler of all places.  I have no idea how it got there!
After we were done there we headed over to our friends house to have dinner and yet another egg hunt.  Here are the girls waiting to go egg hunting.
Kaylani, Riley and Arianna
Nicholas finding some eggs in the bushes and Riley finding some too
Arianna running to get all the eggs
Group picture of all the kids…….this was as good as it got.
One of them always has to be looking away.
My girls with their new Easter dresses
(Arianna picked her dress because she said it looked like a Tiffany dress.  She said it was blue with a white ribbon…..lol)  Of course Riley picked hers because she loves purple 😀5-050.jpg5-051.jpg
My handsome little boy
I hope everyone had a great Easter and kept Our Lord Jesus Christ in their thoughts throughout the day!

One thought on “Easter Parties

  1. awww!! they look soo cute in their easter clothes : ) and oh my gosh!!!… nick knows how to easter egg hunt!! that’s soo cool!!

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