The Goodnight Stoplight

Arianna and Riley are pretty good when it comes to bedtime, but they have a tendency to come out after we have tucked them in.  It can either be because they want a drink of water, another hug/kiss, for us to re-tuck them in etc.  While I was browsing a website I heard of from a friend I saw this:
It sounded like a good idea, but I wasn’t willing to spend $19.95 each for them so I decided to make them.  Or at least something similar to it 🙂  The concept is that they are allowed to come out twice.  The green and yellow lights are removable and the red light doesn’t come off. So once they have used up their lights and only the red one is left they can’t come out anymore.  So here is the ones that the girls made and it only cost $1.60 for the materials 😀
4-009.jpg 4-011.jpg

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