First ER scare…..

After having 3 kids we finally had our first trip to the ER 😦
Yesterday morning we had to take Nick to the emergency room.  It was the scariest thing ever and I’m so glad that he’s okay.  Dustin has a little magic type glass that has liquid in it and when you tip it over it doesn’t spill out.  We had company over the night before and of course everyone was playing with it.  After everyone left I cleaned up before going to bed and I must have missed seeing it somewhere on the floor.  The next morning I was getting Arianna ready for school when I heard the sound of glass breaking.  I ran into the family room and apparently Nick had found the glass, was walking around with it and fell on our tile floor which made it shatter.  His hand was bleeding all over it was the scariest thing I have ever seen.  I washed him up wrapped his hand with gauze and rushed him to the ER.
Once we got there it didn’t take them long to check us in, but it did take awhile for the Dr to get to us.  When she finally came and took off Nick’s gauze it stared bleeding all over the place again.  They had to strap him down to clean the cuts and make sure there was no glass in them.  Nick was screaming and I felt so bad that there was nothing I could do to comfort him, but hold him other hand.  They fixed him up pretty quickly and sent us home.  When we got home he feel asleep and everything seemed fine.  He was running around and playing with his sisters like nothing happened.
I put him down for his afternoon nap and he went to sleep fine.  When he woke up I went in his room to get him and he had thrown up everywhere!  For the rest of the night he was throwing up and he couldn’t even keep water down 😦  I called our Pedi and he said Nick might have caught something while we were in the ER.  After holding him for about 2 1/2 hours he finally fell asleep so I could put him down.  He woke up a couple time through out the night, but he seems to be doing a lot better and I’m so glad yesterday is over!  I really don’t look forward to the next time one of my kids gets hurt 😦

One thought on “First ER scare…..

  1. You must’ve freaked out. I had a scare with Cinco. He got some bleach that I was using to clean and got it in his eyes. I called an ambulance, but I had already washed his eyes out with water for what seemed like forever, and he didn’t want me to do that at all. He ended being okay in one eye, and needing eye drops in the other. I’m happy he is okay, and I hope you never have a scare again.

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