Tilden Park

Today Dustin and I took the kids to Tilden Park. The other day my sister was asking the girls what they wanted to be when they grew up and Ari said she wanted to be a doctor for the animals. And Riley said she wanted to be a train conductor. So since Riley has been practicing writing her name and doing really well, I told her I would take her to ride some trains for doing such a great job. And I told Ari since she was doing great in school we would take her to the Little Farm, which is also in Tilden Park.
When we got to the steam trains we saw that they were selling train conductor hats so just had to buy Riley one since she loves trains.
Here are all the kids waiting for the train to start moving πŸ˜€ Doesn’t Riley look cute in her hat and she’s holding our train tickets.
Here’s Dustin and Nick on the train
The girls and I
We also rode the smaller trains that are run by the Golden Gate Live Streamers.Β  They were very tiny and went really slowly.
Here’s Dustin and the girls on the tiny train
Riley and the tiny train πŸ™‚
Next we headed over to the Little Farm. After getting lost for a little while we finally found it. We walked over to the farm and saw that everyone had brought their own vegetables to feed the animals. I didn’t know you could bring your own vegetables to feed the animals so Ari was a little sad, but I promised her we would come back and bring tons of food for them next time. A father overheard me telling her I was sorry that I didn’t know, so he gave her some celery to feed to a cow and she was very excited πŸ™‚Β Β  1-053.jpg
After the farm we visited the Environmental Education Center and they had a ton of fun things to look at and the girls keep asking when we are going back.
Looking at the different animal exhibits in the education center
We had a great family day today and we look forward to visiting Tilden Park again soon.

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