Good Luck in Hawaii Kelsy!!!

Dustin’s sister Kelsy left today to move to Hawaii. I took the kids to Build-A-Bear on Saturday so they could make her a bear, but they wanted to make a turtle instead cause that’s her favorite animal. I also had them record their voices on it so when she misses them she can press the button and hear them. Nick even screamed in the background so he could be on it too 🙂 LOL Its shell is also a little backpack so I had the girls draw some pictures to put in their as well.
Here they are at the party yesterday when they gave it to Auntie Kelsy
We also gave her a frame with three openings and I put a picture of her with each kid in each space. I will send her pictures of the kids so she can update it and watch them grow while she is away.
Here’s everyone together before she leaves
Brother and Sister
Good Luck in Hawaii Kelsy! We will come and visit as soon as we can 😀  We’re going to miss you Auntie Kelsy!

One thought on “Good Luck in Hawaii Kelsy!!!

  1. could you email me pics from that night, please?? and ps… i pretty much play my turtle everyday haha. i think it’s starting to drive brandon crazy : P

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