Valentine’s Day Surprises

So yesterday was Valentine’s Day and I was sad that Dustin had to work all day.  (14 hours!)  So after I picked up Arianna from school we picked up some lunch at Chipotle and went to visit him for for a little while since we wouldn’t see him all day.  After lunch we came back home and the kids took a nap.
My sister’s husband is away for a little while since he’s in the Air Force, so the kids and I were going to go to her house and have Valentine’s dinner with her, but we ended up going to my parents house instead so that we wouldn’t have to cook 😉   While we were waiting for dinner to be done the front door opens and in comes Dustin!  He surprised me and left work early so we could spend Valentine’s together 😀  I also got the new pink Blackberry as my gift which I love!!!  It is the prettiest pink ever and I’ve been waiting to get a pink phone!
My other surprise was  getting one of our wedding pictures in the mail.  Our wonderful photographer Jennifer Skog sent a family photo that I ordered and along with it was one of our wedding pictures!  She used it as one of the pictures for her consultations and she’s getting new ones printed for this year so she thought we might like to have it.  It was the sweetest thing ever and it was so great to receive it on Valentine’s Day!  Here’s the print we recieved.
Then after we put the kids to sleep we watched the movie Music and Lyrics and it was the cutest movie ever.  Dustin even enjoyed it and he usually doesn’t really like chick flicks, but this one had him laughing.  So all in all we had a great Valentine’s Day 😀

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