Birthday at Monterey Bay Aquarium

Yesterday was Nick’s 1st Birthday so we took him to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. He had so much fun and loved looking at all the fish 😀 The only bad part was that the Splash Zone kid area was closed for remodeling, and that was what I was really looking forward too. Last time we went the girls had so much in that area so I guess that means we have to plan another trip down there when they re-open it.
Driving up to Monterey….he’s so excited 🙂
Arianna and Riley looking at the fish in the Kelp Forest
Nick looking at the a string ray
Mommy look!!!
The girls touching the Star Fish
Nick and Daddy looking at more fish
Nick had so much fun looking at all the fish 🙂
Arianna and Riley trying to catch fish
Here’s a video of Nick playing with the sounds of sea lions and his imitation of them…..LOL
Afterwards we went to lunch at Bubba Gumps.  Nick got a special ice cream sunde and they sang “Happy Birthday” to him 😀
On the way back to the parking garage we saw an old fashion candy store so we got a couple of things and Riley loved playing with the bear that was outside and she was just too cute not to post her!

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