All Grown Up…..

Today was Arianna’s 1st day away from us all by herself!  She started her Kindergarden Readiness class and she’s there for 2 1/2 hours.  When I came to pick her up the teacher said she did very well and that she’s very smart and definetely ready for Kindergarden.  She knows how to write her name and the whole alphabet, she knows her numbers, colors, sounds of letters and the basics of reading.

When we got home from dropping her off Nick took his morning nap so it was just me and Riley.  We read books, drew pictures and colored.  I love having alone time with Riley now since I feel as though I didn’t get to spend too much time with her growing up because I was always running after Arianna.

Arianna loves class and even brought home her first art project.  She also got invited to a birthday party already for a classmate of hers.  She’s excited that she has school on Valentine’s Day so she can give out Valentine Cards and she gets to bring in snacks.

Here is a picture of her all ready to go to school with her ju-ju-be backpack 😀




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