Christmas Day

When we woke up on Christmas morning the kids opened their gifts from Santa and the presents in their stockings.
Arianna got a doll house
Riley got a train
Nick got a 3-in-1 Tonka truck/walker
Christmas morning Dustin’s parents and sister came over to have breakfast and exchange/open gifts with us. Nick still wasn’t feeling too good so he didn’t open any of his presents. Arianna and Riley had a great time opening presents though.
Around lunch time my family came over to open/exchange presents, but by then Nick was taking a nap and Riley was getting tired again. Arianna opened all her presents and loved them. Riley opened two then didn’t want to do anything anymore and Nick was asleep most of the time and when he woke up he just wanted to be held.
After everyone left the kids took their naps and around 5:30pm we headed to my sister’s house to spend time with my Dad’s side of the family. We ended up going home at 8pm cause the kids still weren’t feeling too good and I was tired from the sleepless nights that comes with having sick babies.
So all in all this wasn’t what I wanted for Nick’s 1st Christmas, but there is always next year. Plus his 1st birthday is coming up in February so hopefully he won’t be sick for that!

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