Christmas in SF

Every year my family and I always take a trip to Union Square to walk around, see all the Christmas decorations and to eat lunch somewhere nice. I actually haven’t gone with them since 2002, since I’ve either been pregnant and too tired, or I’ve just had a baby, so it was nice to be able to do it with them again along with my hubby and kids 🙂

First we had lunch at The Grandsview Restaurant on top of the Hyatt hotel. It had a really beautiful view. Here’s Jaime and Arianna

Riley and I

The Roses Sisters

Nick getting ready to go back out in the cold 🙂

Downstairs in the lobby they had a Thomas the Train that was around the Christmas tree and Riley loved it! Even though she wasn’t feeling well she still wanted to play on it and take pictures.

My Dad with his sons, son-in-laws and grandson 1-186.jpg

Our Family in front of the Christmas tree in Union Square (minus David)

We didn’t really get to walk around since the kids weren’t feeling too good so after taking a couple of pictures we headed home before everyone else did. Hopefully next year will be better.


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