Riley and Sophia’s Party

Yesterday was Riley’s 3rd Birthday and Sophia’s 1st Birthday Party at Kid’s Gone Wild in Vacaville. Both the girls have their birthdays in November so we decided to combine their birthday party this year. We rented the place for 2 hours, 1 hour was spent in the play area and 1 hour in the food area. When we got there we went straight to the play area and the employees set up the food area for us and took care of everything.

Nick and I

Arianna crawling through the tunnels

Anna and Sophia

Riley jumping with Auntie Jackie

Jaime going down the slide

Kamalei, Malia, Brandon and Pono

As you can tell the slide was a big hit! After we were done playing we headed to the other room to have some pizza and drinks. Next we had cupcakes which Anna and I made from Sprinkles cupcake mix. I made Red Velvet and Anna made Chocolate and Vanilla and they were so good!!! Next we opened presents then did the pinatas and after everything was over they cleaned up everything. It was great having a party where I could enjoy instead of thinking about getting everything set-up and cleaning up afterwards. It was really fun and I recommend having a party like this to anyone!

The room that we ate in

Yummy sprinkles cupcakes

Riley waiting to eat her cupcake 🙂

We hope that everyone that made it had a great time and enjoyed themselves!


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