Countdown to Christmas

Today I tried taking some pictures to put in Nick’s scrapbook since this will be his 1st Christmas.  I got the inspiration from some of my “nestie” friends 😉  I tried getting some pictures of Nick with his Santa hat on, but he didn’t keep it on for too long.

At first he was really interested in the lights, then he just wanted to chew on the cords, then pulled off his hat.



Next I put on his shirt that says “Baby’s 1st Christmas”.  These pictures were getting a little better until Nick started getting a little too excited and popped one of the light bulbs!!!  If you look at the pictures closely you can see his facial expression changing and then he pops one of the bulbs.  So I guess I need to go back to the store and this time buy lights that he won’t be able to break!  So keep checking back for our second try at getting some decent photos.

Happy baby


Starting to get excited


Getting more excited




And pop!


What happened to the lights?


So of course Ari wants to get her picture taken too


Then I tell Riley she needs to take a picture too and I guess she wasn’t in the mood for pictures



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