Hawaii Trip: Part 2 Oahu

Thursday November 8th: After spending four wonderful days in Lanai with Dustin’s Mom’s Family we headed back to Oahu to spend the rest of our trip with Dustin’s Dad’s Family. The plane ride back to Oahu was really short, but Ari was so tired she fell asleep.



When we arrived in Oahu we went to Dustin’s Aunt’s house and got settled in. Later on that night all Dustin’s aunts, uncles, and cousin’s came to the house to have dinner and to meet me and the kids for the first time. Here are the cousin’s with their families


Arianna and Riley got along great with Dustin’s niece’s and wanted to hang out with them the whole trip 🙂

Gabryn, Jordyn, Jazmyn, Jayme, Riley and Arianna




Friday November 9th: We decided to go to the Dole Pineapple Plantation since Riley wanted to ride the train there and I wanted some pineapple whip…..YUMMY!


Waiting for the train


On the train 🙂


Having some fun at the plantation



After we were done at the plantation we grabbed some lunch and headed to Ko’Olina to go swimming at the beach coves. The girls loved it so much because there weren’t any waves 😀 The majority of the time Nick was sleeping in the car so I stayed with him. But here are the girls with Dustin.


When everyone was done swimming we met Dustin’s family at a restaurant for dinner then headed back to the house.



Saturday November 10th: Kim and Chad’s Wedding!!! We went to the Ihilani Resort to attend Dustin’s cousin Kim’s wedding. It was a very beautiful hotel and wedding. Here are me and the kids waiting for the ceremony to start.


The beautiful bride Kim and her new husband Chad.


Our family at the wedding




Sunday November 11th: We went to the Aloha Bowl flea market with Dustin’s Dad, Uncle Vic and Auntie Linda. Dustin’s sister Kelsy, her boyfriend Brandon and their family friend Trisha also met us there. We walked around the whole stadium and got little souvenirs. Here’s some pictures from the flea market.



When we were done shopping around we headed to Dustin’s cousin Donna’s house to have lunch with her and her family. While we were there we also celebrated Dustin’s cousin Crystal’s 20th birthday which was the day before and Riley’s 3rd birthday which was coming up in a couple of days.



We ended up staying there all day since the kids were having a blast together. After we ate dinner the kids all took baths together and had to borrow clothes from their cousin Jayme. Thanks Jayme for letting the girls borrow clothes and thank you Jordyn and Jazmyn for giving the girls a bath 🙂



Monday November 12th: We went to the Water Park with Dustin’s Uncle Vic, Auntie Linda, Grandma Siruno, Jordyn, Jazmyn and Jayden. We were planning on going to the Ko’Olina beaches again, but since it was Veteren’s Day we thought it might be crowded so Dustin’s Auntie Linda offered to take us to the water park. It wasn’t crowded very much and the kids had so much fun! Arianna was going on the water slides all by herself, but Riley would only go with Dustin’s Uncle Vic 🙂 Then everyone watched our kids so that Dustin and I would be able to go on the big water slides and we had so much fun!!! I haven’t been on water slides in years!

Here’s Riley sliding with Uncle Vic


Arianna sliding like a big girl 😀


Floating down the river with Jazmyn, Jordyn and the kids




Tuesday November 13th: We hung out at Dustin’s aunts house until it was time to leave for the airport.


Saying goodbye to some of the Siruno family before leaving for the airport.


Thanks for letting us visit! We had so much fun with everyone and we hope to see you all soon!!!



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