Hawaii Trip: Part 1 Lanai

Sunday November 4th: We left for Hawaii and we flew into Honolulu then we were supposed to take a flight from there to Lanai the same day. Here are the kids and Dustin on the plane to Honolulu 🙂



The flight going to Honolulu was really bumpy cause there was a lot of turbulence, luckily all 3 kids were sleeping for the last hour of the plane ride so they didn’t get scared or anything. After we landed we went to go wait for our flight to Lanai and it kept getting delayed and after 4 hours of waiting it got canceled and we had to rebook for the next day. Luckily Dustin’s family lives in Waipahu so we stayed there that night. Here we are stuck at the airport.





Monday November 5th: We headed back to the airport to head to Lanai and this time the weather was perfect and the flight was really fast, only about a 25 minute flight. When we got to there we were greeted by Dustin’s family then we took the shuttle so we could check into our hotel. We stayed at The Four Seasons Resort at Manele Bay, which was an absolutely beautiful place! This was the view from our balcony.


This is the beach that you can walk to from the hotel


The view of the hotel from across the beach


This was the hotel’s pool which the kids loved so much!


The girls wanted to walk around the hotel grounds because they had pathway’s, waterfalls and tons of Koi ponds. The concierge desk in the hotel even had bags of fish food so the kids could feed the fish.




After we got all settled in at the hotel and the kids took a nap we took the shuttle to the other hotel on the island which is also a Four Season’s Resort called The Lodge at Koele (we stayed at The Lodge on our last night in Lanai). The Lodge is very close to where his relatives lives so they picked us up there and we went to his Uncle Steven’s house. Then we went to go visit his Grandparents, their house was right around the corner so we took a short walk to their house. Here we are with Dustin’s Grandpa at their house.


In front of their house they had a macadamia tree so the girls were cracking them open with Dustin’s Dad.


After visiting with Dustin’s Grandpa we headed back to his Uncle Steven’s house where they were getting ready for a 80th surprise birthday for Grandpa. All his kids flew in to surprise him so it was a like a little family reunion. We left to go back to the hotel around 8:30pm since the kids were really tired.



Tuesday November 6th: The girls wanted pancakes for breakfast so we ordered room service and they set it up out in the patio, which the girls loved


After we had breakfast we got ready to go swimming in the pool.


Dustin swimming with Ari


Riley kicking in the water 🙂


Dustin and Nick playing in the water


After hanging out at the hotel pool for awhile we took a walk down to the beach and hung out down there for a little while. The girls didn’t like it there too much because there were lots of waves and Ari said she saw a sand crab that was going to pinch them (but Dustin and I didn’t see one). So we headed back to the hotel gave the kids a bath, had lunch and they took a nap.

After they woke up we took them to the kids play room. It was a really nice big place and was split up into 3 rooms. They had an arts and crafts center, a movie room, and a play room. The girls got to color for a little bit then played with blocks and puppets for awhile before we left to head to Dustin’s Grandma’s house. At his Grandma’s house we met his Uncle Alec and his new wife Auntie Norraine, who just got married this past October. We also met Dustin’s cousin Tyler and saw his Auntie Mei again. Here’s us with Dustin’s Grandma before we headed back to the hotel. Can you tell the kids were really tired 😉




Wednesday November 7th: First we met Dustin and his family at The Lodge at Koele for breakfast.


After breakfast we went into town and walked around for a little while. The kids played in the playground and we even got some ice cream. Then we headed back to Dustin’s Uncle’s house to hang out while Dustin left to go 4-wheeling with his Dad, sister, Auntie Julie and Uncle Steven. Dustin’s in the red 🙂


Later that day we checked out of the hotel at Manele Bay and checked into The Lodge at Koele. Here’s a picture of The Lodge.




Thursday November 8th: This was our last day in Lanai, first we had breakfast at a restaurant in town then went to the school to say goodbye to Dustin’s cousins. They only have one school for the whole island and it goes from kindergarten to 12th grade! Here we are with Dustin’s cousins and his Uncle Joey.


After that we went back to the hotel to get all our stuff ready and to wait for the shuttle to take us to the airport. While we waited for the shuttle we walked around the hotel grounds a little bit. First the girls wanted to play croquet




Then we walked to the flower garden




It was about time for the shuttle to arrive so we headed back towards the hotel. This is what Nick was doing the whole time 🙂 just hanging out.


At the airport everyone meets up with us again to say goodbye. It was so great to see you all and hopefully we can visit again soon!






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