Halloween and Birthday Disneyland Trip

For mine and Dustin’s birthday we took a trip to Disneyland. It was so much fun because they had everything decorated for Halloween and we’ve never seen it during Halloween before. We went to Mickey’s special Trick-or-Treat party at California Adventures and the girls had a great time. They even had a little Halloween parade that all the kids could participate in, but all three kids fell asleep so they missed it, but we got it on video for them to watch.


We stayed at Paradise Pier for the first time since we always stay at The Disneyland Hotel and Grand Californian. The hotel was nice, but a little bit farther than the other two hotels and it was a lot smaller. We did get a room with a resort view so that was nice, but kinda noisy at night. My sister and cousin also won one of the prizes from the Million Dreams giveaway, The Dream Fast Pass. While Dustin and I took the kids to Fantasy Land, Katrina and Jassy went on Matterhorn and when they got off they got “The Dream Fast Pass”. They were so excited and couldn’t wait to use it 😀 So here are some pictures from our trip.



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