Flat Stanley

Our cousin Madeline from Texas sent us a letter asking us to help her with a project for school. It said:

“I am sending my Flat Stanley to visit you. He is a character from a book I read at school. Please take him with you on an outing for a day or two and then write me back and tell me all about his adventures. I would love to see some pictures, postcards or souvenirs of Stanley and his adventures. I will share Flat Stanley’s adventures with my class.”

We had so much fun with Flat Stanley and with helping Maddie with her homework. First Me, Trin, Ari and Riley took him to the Jelly Belly factory. Nick was taking a nap so we left him at home with Dustin and Stanley borrowed his car seat. We even got him his own little hat šŸ™‚


Next we went home to eat lunch and to get Nick so that he could come with us to Nut Tree. The kids played with Stanley while I got lunch ready. Riley had fun showing Stanley that she could play her piano. Nick also had a fun time playing with Stanley šŸ™‚


At Nut Tree we all rode the train with Stanley. Arianna was sure to hold his hand so he wouldn’t fly away because it was very windy.


We also went to the Pumpkin Patch so Ari and Stanley could take some pictures


Maddie, thanks for choosing us to help you with your homework! We had a lot of fun and we hope you enjoy the pictures we sent you šŸ™‚


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