Rabbil and Jen’s Wedding

Yesterday we went to Rabbil’s wedding who was Dustin’s best friend in High School and who is also a really great friend of ours. He is such a great guy and we are extremely happy for him.




It was a really beautiful intimate wedding. Dustin saw a couple of his old friends from High School so he had a lot of fun showing off his wife and kids 🙂 This was actually the first time I had met Jen and she is such a great person. I’m so happy for them both because they are such kind people and it’s so nice that they have found someone that is just as great as they are.
When we got to the ceremony we said hi to Dustin in the back cause he was a groomsmen, then proceeded to go sit in the pews. As we were walking into the church to sit down Ari told me that she and Riley had to stay in the back with Daddy and I told her no we have to sit down. Then she goes, but Mommy we have to stay in the back. So I ask her why and she says because we’re flower girls. I told her they weren’t flower girls and she got sad 😦 So far every wedding we went to this year they have been flower girls so they are not used to just going to a wedding. Hahaha……we still have two more wedding this year and they are in one of them so hopefully they will be happy with that 🙂


The girls with Jen


Here is our family with the Newlyweds. Congratulations guys!img_5762.JPG


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