Riley is potty trained!!!

Riley is finally potty trained =) We think she’s known how to use the toilet for awhile now, but she’s just lazy and doesn’t like to stop playing to use the bathroom. She’s been wearing pull-ups for quite sometime and we would just keep reminding her to go to the bathroom and she was doing pretty good. I decided that I’d put underwear on her one day and it worked! I told her that she had to remember to use the toilet this time because she can’t pee on her underwear or she would get all wet. Well, she had an accident a couple hours later, but luckily she was in the kitchen so it was really easy to clean. After that she didn’t have anymore accident’s.


Yesterday I went out and bought her 2 packs of underwear and she was so excited about it, so now we need to buy more stickers for her potty chart. Two kids down, one to go, but we’ll see how it goes with a boy though, I think I’ll let Dustin handle him 😉


Our tiny Riley is getting to be such a big girl!!!



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