Mommy’s little helper

I was in a cleaning mood on Monday so I decided I was going to clean the entire house and do all the laundry. Nick was being very fussy since he was teething so I had to do it all with a little boy attached to me the whole time. My back started hurting, but I ignored it and just kept cleaning. Tuesday morning I couldn’t get out of bed so my Mom took me to the Dr. while Dustin stayed home with the kids. Turns out I had pinched a nerve so he gave me a shot, some medications and put me on bed rest for a week. He also wrote a note for Dustin to get out of work for a week so I can rest and he can take care of the kids and the house.


Dustin and the kids have been so good and have been helping out a lot especially Arianna. She’s been taking really good care of her little sister and brother. Today Nick started crawling in the kitchen and I couldn’t lift him cause he was too heavy then all of a sudden Ari comes out of the kitchen carrying her little brother =) It was very cute!




I am now feeling a lot better, still hurts to lift things (especially a fat little boy) but I’ll be getting tons of rest and should be back to normal very soon especially since we have dance class tomorrow =)


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